Comment: Let me respond, point by point.

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Let me respond, point by point.

1) If you do not believe "anybody is trying to take away your right to protect your life," you are sadly deluded. Over just the last 10 years, the government has assaulted us with The Patriot Act, The TSA, the Military Commissions Act, FISA and the NDAA. None of those are necessary for our security. Secondly, in the 1970s a court judge in Michigan ruled a defendant, who awoke to find himself facing an assailant with a knife, used "excessive force," when the defendant used his firearm, "rather than knocking the knife out of the assailant's hand with an ashtray or something(1)."

2)As far as "letting everyone have nuclear capability," let me take you literally, as that is the most extreme case. The Soviet "suitcase nukes" weigh about 60 pounds, produce a approximately 10 kiloton blast, and are, allegedly, readily available on the Black Market. In other words, anyone who could afford to buy one already has one, as there are supposed to be enough to use in every targeted city in the world. If that weren't enough, the nuclear warhead for the U.S. Army's "Davy Crocket" recoilless rifle, weighs 56 pounds, has roughly the same yield and were produced by the thousands for the US Army. Knowing the army, I doubt they can account for all of them.

On the other hand, a fuel-air bomb has the same yield and can be made with components purchased at WalMart.All you need is the knowledge and skills.

Likewise, a simple bazooka can be constructed from a piece of metal pipe. So, so much for the "Do you believe people should be able to buy a bazooka?" argument.

3) As far as my article "going off the rails" because a few shady people are in favor of gun control, are you out of your "Vulcan" mind? Two of those "shady people" as addressed, "Mr. President" and the third came close to being so. Not to mention, the cities with the most organized crime have the strictest gun control. I question the MOTIVES of the biggest advocates of "gun control". Senator Chucky Schumer, who laughed off testimony of government atrocities during the Waco Hearings is one of the nation's leading advocates for gun control. I have never heard or spoken with a supporter of gun control who wasn't a control freak, a criminal or a fool and I have listened to the gun control debate since the JFK assassination.