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Send me a link where Ron Paul says he's an Anarchist

Send me a link where Ron Paul says he's an Anarchist, and I will proceed to destroy Ron Paul along with all of his little Anarchist stooges.

Point me towards ANY REPRESENTATIVE who calls himself an Anarchist, and I will remove them from our Government because they are attempting to destroy what they swore under oath to protect, our laws. They want to rule men in a free market of violence and coercion and are doing everything they can to destroy what they swore to defend, the people and our government.

They want dominion over man using collective force bought and sold to the highest bidder in a free market of coercion and violence.

I say you're right. I'll bet there are lots of Anarchists in our Government, but they're cowards who know they'll face justice should they ever mistakenly speak out about their political affiliation. You on the other hand aren't as smart, and like a jackass sing out about how you're an enemy of our country and anti-government.

Voluntarist is a code word for "liberty without justice" which is a meaningless and failed idea. So maybe Ron Paul IS just a fraud and liar who used people to betray the office he held?

Convince me?

Nobody who takes peoples liberty with violence wants to be stopped by justice, by force, by something they would never voluntarily submit to. Justice is imposed on voluntarists who chose to take somebodies liberty with force, and Anarchists want a free market of coercion and violence so that they can do just that without facing justice themselves.

Yes, you can refuse to pay taxes, and go live in a tree as far as I care, but don't ever pretend that the rest of humanity gives a damn what you think or want, and you're more than welcome to climb down out of your tree once you remember that you're a man not a monkey.

So everybody who believes that voluntary interaction is a good thing is an Anarchist now aye? So all those people defending liberty with force, serving justice are Anarchists, everybody who defends the innocent against a covetous man taking liberty with force is an Anarchist...

An Anarchist is a very specific thing that hides behind words like voluntarist while they try to use people to destroy, so as liars and destroyers they will be destroyed.