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Comment: genetically manipulated foods?

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genetically manipulated foods?

The problem I have with the outcry over GMO is the confusion in my mind over exactly what it means. Hybrids are genetically manipulated crops, are they not? Was it Mendel who was the father of genetics and discovered it through manipulation of pea plants?

Genetics of plant have been manipulated for over a century. As a child, I remember fifty years ago, Monsanto employed high school kids to de-tassle corn on their farm! How can I, at this point, demand that they stop the manipulation? Don't we get more resilient crops from this manipulation? Too bad they can't mix in the resiliency of cannabis with corn, because the cannabis is a little more drought resistant. They could have used some of that around here, last year. The corn that grows seven feet high was only waste high, in areas of southern Illinois.

Michael G Langley, MD