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Comment: Just finished listening to

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Just finished listening to

Just finished listening to the entire audio. I have to completely agree 100% with a comment from a YouTuber by the name of "enchantedwanderer"

"This is one of the best articulated, informative and intelligent discussions regarding this event that Ive heard to date.. this needs to go viral.."

I consider myself to be an intelligent, logical,and educated person who is also a skeptic about everthing I hear and read. So no, I just don't watch a couple of YouTube videos and make up my mind. I also use common sense and and this definitley did NOT happen they way were told. To simply question local or federal government and try to obtain factual evidence does not make me or anyone else a "wacky" or "crazy" conspiracy theorist. I will be doing my part to make this discussion go viral and I hope more people will do the same.