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Comment: I have ONE ARGUMENT

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If we keep hoping to elect someone at the Presidential level to fix local issues than we ourselves have ZERO CLUE what liberty and individual freedom actually stands for and more specifically state rights.

Anytime that position is available to be used to PROTECT or TAKE AWAY our born rights, it seems to me to be a position that should be REMOVED.

A President should be a talking head, the peace keeper, friend and have ZERO PULL politically as well as with laws. The senate/congress should be IN CHARGE but even then each state is leaving their fate in the hands of ONE PERSON which once again isn't something that screams individual liberty either.

We don't need anyone to speak for us at ANY LEVEL of government to live as we want to.


stop spending electing more idiots who will only attempt to take more rights from us.

look at rand, he is ALMOST like his dad yet he votes for romney, well what will you be ok with him "allowing" as President? He HAS compromised plenty so what makes you think he won't once he gets his butt into that chair? - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way. - My site on growing marijuana