Comment: I have been thinking something very similar

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I have been thinking something very similar

How many "insiders" would it have taken, really? The kids do NOT describe "gun shot" sounds. One kid does say "bullets" but the rest of them oddly do NOT. So, from the children on scene, that means you need ONE kid to lie. And what if you told that kid it was a drill, and he was acting?
Not ONE PHOTO or a single frame of video that shows evidence of the crime as described, an odd Medical Examiner description of the autopsies... and no blood, no interviews with the injured people. There were reports of an injured, adult survivor.
Once the actors "set the scene" others will ad lib along, especially if they think there is a crisis. It plays on what is finest in humans, a desire to aid those in harm's way... And if you lived next to one of these actors for a year, would you be able to ask yourself critically, "Could it be?"
Now CNN airs bogus footage AS THEY CHASTISE those of us who question the veracity of their reports. These people clearly have gonads when it comes to lying.
And to prove to you that they can and will and already HAVE gotten ALL of America to "drink the kool aid" before, I urge you to learn the truth about Jim Jones and what happened in Guyana. There was NO MASS SUICIDE. There was a mass murder, the US government was behind it, and everyone involved is still keeping that conspiracy together all these years later.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.