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If he is going to have a

If he is going to have a chance, he needs to start early and try to get name recognition among the masses and donors. Even if the neocon donors arent thrilled about him... having big name recognition and knowing he will run will at least make some less likely to back other primary contenders in a big way early, because they dont want to end up backing the wrong horse.

I know some people have doubts about Rand, and he is not Ron....

but unless Rand gives me a reason to believe that

1) He will, if elected, continue the abolition of the 2nd amendment
2) He will, if elected, not do anything to curtain the surveillance society being put into place
3) He will, should be be elected, not use his position to bring an Austrian outlook to Treasury
4) He will, if elected, not sign a bill fully auditing the Fed

I will continue to support him. To me, those are the Big 4. Everything else is window dressing, and the typical coalition horse-trading politics that ANY Republic has to deal with.

Also keep in mind that the next Dem to get the nomination will almost certainly be either Hillary or that fascist Cuomo from NY. Rand is not Ron, but he sure is far closer to Ron than anyone else who has a snowballs chance of actually getting elected.