Comment: Just got back home from the rally in Albany NY

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Just got back home from the rally in Albany NY

It was the biggest event I've seen for a protest in my time here on the capital, some great speeches, as well as a ton of liberty loving patriots.My guess is at minimum 2500 people, of course the only media that showed was YNN (remember the revolution will not be televised. This event was also not even really promoted, I found out about it through here and decided to search a bit more. Overall the crowd was fairly mixed, and so was the message from the speakers. Some speakers calling for Political action to fix the process, others more libertarian minded pointing out that's what got us in this problem in the first place. Overall though I think people are really starting to wake up a bit, I was wondering when I'd see numbers like this (especially for being in the capital of NY), and I'd say I was quite impressed.

I left feeling fairly more optimistic about the future, not that I think anything will change politically, but more so in the means of organizing a rebellion when that time comes for the next revolution. Met some great people, notiable speech goes to some representative from Saratoga telling everyone about how during the first revolutionary war, the shear number of patriots that came out to fight the tyranical British in Saratoga was almost unexpected and was absolutely impressive considering the type of communication they had back then. No cellphones, Internet, radio's, etc., He noted that it doesn't take much to organize a rebellion in the face of tyranny, considered we sign up for liberty message boards to keep better communications for organizing for when these times come again here. Also someone gave a great Barry Goldwater Speech,as well as a speech on Nullification.

I'm sorry I left without my camera today, but I'm sure videos will make their way onto the internet for everyone. It was a great rally, and It gave me some much needed optimism that at least a very large % of us are willing to stand up to these tyranical government thugs.
I just can't wait to get the hell out of NY as soon as I can, in the meantime I'm going to fight the battle here in the trenches.