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why I put injustice in quotation marks is because it is so loosely thrown around by both sides of the argument.

Okay, fair enough. I admit I figured you had a bias, since most of us do one way or the other.

As to Israel it is the lack of what they have done for us that makes them in a sense more of an ally.

In what sense? Could you explain for me, because I don't see it that way at all.

What about the things they do *to* us, such as refusing to sign any treaties with us, or the fact that they spy on us more than any other nation (even the CIA admits this). What about the USS Liberty? What about Benny's "America...she is easily moved" comments? What about the members of Congress with dual citizenship? What about a former Prime Minister admitting that they throw around the term "Anti-Semite" to silence critics of Israel in the US? What about AIPAC?

Make no mistake, Israel is *not* our ally.

As to your point on "WHY those countries burn our flag", that is just it. We are at war with them. We attack them, they attack us... so why should we give them foreign aid. (let me be clear I am totally opposed to the wars, but it is what it is)

No, we're actually not at war with them, since war was never declared. It's like saying the Native Americans hated the colonists because they were at war with us. No, they were defending themselves! We were stealing their land, just as we're doing to the Arabs now.

I didn't down vote you, but I really think you should look into this issue a bit deeper.

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