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I am familiar with

I am familiar with QuackWatch...
To be sure there are plenty of charlatans in the so-called natural health "industry", but mainstream medicine is every bit as full of quackery. It's just concealed ]under a lovely veneer of authority and "science."
You have to do the research for yourself and do your best with the information you have (and for now, we all get to decide how we prioritize the credibility of the information out there). If you want to trust medical doctors and mainstream science with your health - be my guest. I have worked for doctors (obstetrics) and I have friends who are doctors/doctors-in-training and they are some of the most close-minded, controlling people I've encountered in life. Their profession requires slavish and unswerving devotion to convention. And most of their practice revolves around masking symptoms rather than preventing illness and healing the whole body.

You can call me a quack, but I think that the people who brought us Thalidomide, Guardasil and GMO's aren't to be trusted with much. To be sure, if I have a burst appendix or a transverse breech baby...I'm more than happy to have a surgeon cut me open. But when it comes to keeping my body healthy and preventing disease, I have trouble putting my trust in doctors.

Please, do as you will with your own health, but I personally think it's a short and slippery slope drinking the koolaid of the mainstream medical industry these days - considering the giant clustershuck that is insurance + pharmaceuticals + biotech + lobbyists + gov't regulations. And we could have a very lengthy discussion about the evils of force and how it is a central figure in treating patients.

And one final note - In an age where doctors are now being called upon to basically spy on their patients for the government, it's not foolish for a person to try and arm themselves with information regarding how to look after their own health.