Comment: We as adults may not be afected by this book

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We as adults may not be afected by this book

or feel child-adult sex is the norm, but this book is out there to be downloaded by all ages as an ebook. Plus it is being made into a movie. The girl in the story is portrayed as a child and acts like one.

Children are vulnerable and an entire next generation may be brainwashed into accepting pedophilia as the norm if we as adults do not take steps to prevent that. Of course pedophiles would love to be the norm.

Note that Brazil is protecting their children.
Brazil judge orders '50 Shades of Grey' removed from bookstores

So, why is the USA making a movie based on a book that is subtly about pedophilia if other countries are taking measures to make sure it is not the NORM?

None other than social engineering. Many perverted people in high places like "child sex parties" and would like it to be the norm.