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Former employee

I worked at a Whole Foods warehouse for about a year. While I think the company is a good company to work for their warehouse operations were a mess. Often times I would work 14 hour days, four days a week. This might not sound too horrid but it was mentally destructive. Employees would call off just to maintain sanity, thereby increasing the workload for everyone else. Also, some employees learned to manipulate statistics to make them appear as though they worked harder or were more efficient, lowering morale for those who worked just as hard or harder than their co-workers. I imagine working at the stores would have been a might more pleasant experience. I never got to meet Mr. Mackey, but I did meet some higher-level warehouse managers and they were very pleasant and had the same "libertarian" mindset. Perhaps the warehouse issues were limited to the one I worked at, but I never had the chance to talk to others. Our local warehouse "leaders" were hardly that; they were definitely more concerned with lining their pockets and did not have the mindset of the high-level counterparts. That being said, I still like Whole Foods, but there is definitely room for improvements, which I am sure higher-ups like Mackey, would agree.