Comment: The Church has been infiltrated and

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The Church has been infiltrated and

is under attack from within. Bella Dodd, a communist leader who converted revealed that the commies sent agents into the seminaries to attack the Church and these people are now in the hierarchy. That doesn't negate the dogma of the Faith. That is apart from the men who are trying to twist the Church into a secular state appendage (like that bunch at Notre Dame who honored the "abortion president" and are now whining about the obammunists forcing the Church to provide contraception, etc. to employees). There is a resurgence of orthodoxy and the old commies have been revealed for their secularism and are dying off. The relentless attacks on the Church reveal that the state still considers her a formidable obstacle to their plans. Read Thomas Woods, Jeffrey Tucker and other libertarian Catholics. That "social teaching" stuff is OK until they start advocating achieving it through state aggression, a global state, the UN, etc. But it isn't Church dogma.
I have a harder time with the lack of spirituality of the pristhood but maybe we have just had bad luck at our parish where I live. We have gotten selfish, lazy, arrogant, and money grubbing types who view the parishioners with contempt. I sometimes marvel at the faith of the people who keep coming to Mass in spite of some of the priests. Protestants don't seem to separate their faith from their pastors like Catholics do.