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What did he say exactly that

What did he say exactly that makes it sound like he'd enjoy snuff-porn?

All I saw was him saying that people should be free to read and write what they like. Don't you think its a bit over the top to accuse someone who disagrees with you of enjoying snuff porn?

Does the understanding that someone has the right to put drugs into their own body mean that we endorse drugs?

Does the understanding that someone has the right to read and write weird or even immoral porn mean that we endorse immoral porn?

Does writing fiction deprive someone else of their right to life, liberty or property? Please remember that freedom means you're free to be an idiot. You're free to engage in activity that is immoral and self destructive so long as you are only hurting yourself. If you want a free society, you must understand that not everyone is going to be a goody-two-shoes god-boy. There are plenty of sick monkey's out there who do plenty of sick stuff. Long as they do it to themselves, you and I have absolutly NO say in what goes on in the privacy of their own homes, or with other consenting adults.

What about Vladamir Navokov's Lolita? A literary classic involving a sick monkey's obsession for underage girls. Did that create a generation of pedophiles?

What kind of book exactly, is going to "culturally condition" parents into thinking its okay to have freaky pedophiles trying to seduce their children? I can't even concieve of letting my daughters date until they are at least 35... let alone when they are 12. Do you think a freaking work of fiction is going to change my mind? Or even a lot of them?

Look at the Japanese. Half the crap they come out with is about tenticle monsters raping little girls, yet pedophilia (and all other uncensored porn) is still illegal there and they have almost no crime. Most of the men there are perfecty content to go buy dirty panties out of a vending machine, rent a love doll, and check into a hotel room. Weird freaking culture, ill be the first to admit, but they aren't hurting anyone, nor depriving anyone of their rights. I think some people get a little too hung up on the impact of "fiction" esspecially in the realm of sex. Infact... I think some people just get to hung up on sex in general.

Pedophiles are always going to be criminals. Always. Fathers will always be ready to execute any mother@#$%ing peodphile who goes near his children. Always. Sleezy porn and literature is "not" going to change that.