Comment: I have been troubled by Rand's statements...

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I have been troubled by Rand's statements...

on many foreign-policy related questions. But I'd ask, why does Raimondo have so much credibility? He just writes articles!

Now, I hate any perceived pandering to the Israeli/neocon lobby, whatsoever. And the anti-civilian sanctions vs Iran are disgusting. Nevertheless, Rand Paul is a constant voice for moderation in t he Senate. As a Christian, I too, would like to spend time in the Holy Land if I had the time/money- so its not fair to berate the Senator for that alone.

Raimondo, like Kokesh and some others, have been chomping at the bit to demonize Rand Paul since he was elected into the Senate. I would suggest that the Senator doesnt expect to get their votes in 2012, he wants YOURS

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