Comment: I find it kind of wrong.

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I find it kind of wrong.

Sorry, I know this will be unpopular, but this seems a little bit on the sick side. If they had just sent the book, that would have been fine. A little strange, but fine (although I think parents should be involved in what books are read). But, adding a fake letter from "god" puts it in the "wrong" category.

Now this girl is going to tell all her friends she got a letter from God, then all her friends are going to want to write letters and get a response, if they don't make fun of her. Then the other parents are going to have to fake letters from God because not every postal worker will do this. Then, at some point, some child will ask their pastor if they ever got a letter from God, etc...., etc....

What is wrong with teaching children the truth, that when animals die they just die? Learning how to grieve is important.

Full disclosure I do not believe in heaven or your god, but I just think it is dishonest. Much like prayers, it is much better to learn that sometimes they are not answered. It is then up to the parents to explain why.

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