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I understood it the first

I understood it the first time. I disagree with your opinions. I disagree that "You sound like you enjoy snuff-porn" is simple sacrasm. It sounds more like a baseless attack to me, an attempt to demonize someone who doesn't agree with you. It was completely uncalled for given the debait you two were having.

Next, I disagree that there is any mass conditioning going on to make pedophila acceptable in America. Everyone HATES pedophiles. As for this book, tts not social engineering. Its smut. Smut has been around for as long as humans could draw boobies on rock walls. Its not going anywhere.

Pedophiles will never be accepted into society no matter how many "Lolitas" are written. No matter how many "50 shades of grey" are written.

I won't disagree that some of the boy-hungry pedophiles up in DC would probably love to see that happen, but it wont.

Protecting our children from perverts in not a "christian" thing. Its a "human" thing. As the christian religeon dies out, it will not mean that suddenly everyone accepts pedophiles.