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Crap Shoot = Victims/Bullets

Yeh, I tried that - when I thought it was two hand guns (the original) or was it four hand guns. No, it was two hand guns and one rifle. Wait, nope, it was four rifles - one of which, after he shot himself - he beelined out to his trunk and shoved one in it - then ran back in and died.

They couldn't stick with the hand guns story - then there most certainly wouldn't have been enough ammo for all of that carnage. Thus, the ever morphing "official" story of weaponry.

Same goes for how many victims - 26, 27, 28? Anybody for 29?! Going once, going twice. . .

OH, and the people who went to the hospital - see the police chief's interview below - he said no children were left alive - yet - two of them were taken to the hospital, then died? But, wait, only three were transported, somehow - by the blocked in ambulances. Was it two children and one adult? Three adults? Two adults no children? That would make the police chief, in his "official" story - a baldfaced liar.

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