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Comment: the difference between sex and violence in movies

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the difference between sex and violence in movies

I noticed several comments on here saying that violence is just as bad or worse than the sex in movies (more or less), but I disagree. In a movie with a lot of violence you usually have one person who is being violent against a non violent party, and over the course of the movie someone sees the violent person as wrong and uses more violence (or force if you will) to stop the violent person. In other words violence tends to have consequences in movies, tv shows, and some video games. But in most movies and tv shows (and video games) sex never has any consequences, I mean james bond sleeps with hundreds of women over the course of 60 years, and there's no pregnancy or std or stalker or breach of security etc. One of the more recent shows on tv, called downton abby is actually very remarkable because there are two people who have sex out of wedlock and both pretty much faced major consequences, it was fascinating, particularly in light of all the tv shows and movies where someone jumps from one bed to the other with no consequences, frankly that mentality is bad, everything has consequences including sex and violence so I would suggest that in most movies and tv shows that sex is far worse than violence because sex rarely has consequences and violence very often does.