Comment: I have a great respect

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I have a great respect

for Justin Raimondo, but sometimes he gets a little sensationalist. Like this recent article where he accuses all Israeli opposition to African immigration as resulting from racism, rather than simply being concerned about illegal immigration.

This is much the same. Rand Paul, like his father, has a non-interventionist approach to foreign policy. He faithfully practices that, and Raimondo accuses him of being a "Christian Zionist".

Rand Paul wants to end aide to Israel. Who other than Chuck Hagel and his father vocally state that? Raimondo criticizes his gradualist approach.

He goes to Israel with a Christian group that is not wild about gay marriage. That is nothing compared to what Hagel said about the ambassador to Luxembourg and Raimondo loves him.

It's like he felt the need to dig up some criticisms of Rand.