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Just a thought -

I try to stay away from the Rand Paul arguments because I keep thinking the following:

What was it that the higher ups in the GOP told Ron Paul to change? His stance on foreign policy (aid-Israel, wars).

Could it be that Rand agrees with his father, but just thinks that the ONLY way to be taken seriously and be given a REAL chance into consideration by TPTB for a possible White House run is to agree, or at least not want to do a complete 360 on foreign policy?

Politics is a game - a dirty one. What if that's what Rand is doing - infiltrating? What if he's doing the same exact thing that some of our stealth delegates did during the primaries in order to become (Romney)delegates?

What if he plays the game, tells the GOP what they want to hear for these next 4 years, and once elected, gives them the finger? Maybe, just maybe it's a means to an end.

Just a theory.

And no I don't believe in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, but I do believe that anything is possible, and though he's no Ron Paul, Dr. Paul did raise him and still maintains a close relationship with his son. If Rand was really THAT misguided, I think SOME kind of disappointment would show on Dr. Paul's face.

Remember; WE may be ready (awake), but is the rest of America ready? I think Rand is targeting those that are half awake - those that said "I like Ron Paul, but not his foreign policy". I think they'll eventually come around and by then, Dr. Paul's foreign policy will be more acceptable.