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Did I say

"professional army?" Nope. I don't believe in a professional army. I clearly specified navy/air force, and even then, I simply noted that that is the least we could do to counter-balance Federal power. Under the Articles of Confederation there was no "internal arms race," they simply maintained their own protective forces.

And no, there is literally no way to EVER be free of the necessity of weapons, and lots of them. Since Cain murdered Abel, humans have always realized that a liberal use of violence allows one to achieve ends much more effeciently. Other humans promptly realized that the only way to prevent this was to threaten, and if need be, practice self-defense with violence.

It's human nature, at least on this Earth. Sure, one day the lion will lie down with the lamb and everything, but right now the only way to defend against those who live by the sword is to threaten them with death by the sword.

Personally, I love weapons, despite not being a soldier or gunsmith. There's a sort of art to them, from the simple beauty of the bow and arrow, to the elegance of the 18th-century musket, to the ugly yet effecient utilitarianism of the AK-47. The M1 Garand is in a class of beauty all its own. The weapon, be it a bow, knife, spear, sword, gun, or what-have-you is a physical representation of humanity's greatest advantage against mere animals, and historically they have also been the mark of two things: the soldier and the free man.