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Comment: Baffled?

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I was baffled after Iowa, and even more so after New Hampshire. Then, I started to analyze numbers.

You do realize that approximately 400 people in Iowa meetups didn't bother to caucus. You also realize that about 2500 people identified as Paul supporters caucused in the Democrat caucus for Obama. Thanks. We appreciate that a lot. That could have been the difference for a third place and media attention. Nice. Nice you think sign waves and making videos are more important than actually voting.

Found out the same things happened in New Hampshire as well. Yet, all we hear is about "voter fraud", and how the GOP is "stealing" votes from Dr. Paul. Like that didn't drive away Republicans receptive to the Paul message...

That leads to Nevada. Instead of actually registering as a Republican EARLY, everyone wants to complain about rules being changed. Instead of getting involved in the Republican Party because of Ron Paul, many Nevada supporters tried to wait until the last minute, which again, cost us votes. Same thing in Louisiana. Although, shenanigans did take place with other candidate's delegates that need to be investigated, if the Ron Paul supporters would have registered Republican earlier, the whole provisional mess could have been avoided. Not to mention, that time could have been used at GOP gatherings to promote the Ron Paul message to the general GOP folks.

Here in North Carolina, there are still people in the meetup who are whining about party change deadlines, when they were told in AUGUST to change their party ASAP.

Personally, I see many RP "supporters" as those who want to raise holy hell any time they can, but did NOTHING when it came to trying to be accepted by the Republican party. Maybe if instead of waving signs and posting videos for the 900th time, you actually went down to your county elections board and registered as a Republican. Maybe if you'd actually go to a GOP event, you'd actually be welcomed and be allowed to explain why you support Dr. Paul. They may not agree with you, but you aren't going to be kicked out as long as you are respectful.

Baffled? No, not any more.