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Just Because Me And You See...

... things differently does not mean I need to "look into this a little deeper".

Israel has their own interests at heart as does any other Nation. Yes, they spy on us as I am darn well sure we spy on them. But in the sense of fighting in wars, (whether unconstitutional or not) (again I DO NOT endorse them) they would more then likely be on our side then lets say Egypt or Iran. So they may not be an ally but it would be more worthwhile to cut aid to countries that vocally endorse harm to us then a Nation who is at the best tolerant of us.

Very well then, I will say that we are in a undeclared, unconstitutional, morally wrong, "fight" with these Nations.
But... whether they are "defending themselves" or fighting back, do you want Rand Paul to say, "since this is an unjustified war I think we should help the enemies fight us and fund them with weapons against our troops while we cut aid to Israel first because they are not wishing our evil government any harm"????.

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