Comment: Woman Was Full Of Bullet Holes

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Woman Was Full Of Bullet Holes

From this article:

"Lanza shot Hammond through the door, in her LEG and ARM."

"The other survivor at Sandy Hook was identified as the school’s lead teacher, Natalie Hammond, 40." "She was shot in the ARM and LEG and was recovering yesterday. . ."

"Hammond was shot in the FOOT, LEG and HAND, but managed to crawl to safety behind a door." (I thought she was shot through the door she was holding closed with her body?)

"He said Natalie Hammond, a teacher at Sandy Hook, survived after being shot in the ABDOMEN while jumping in front of a bullet meant for another. (Jumping in front of? lol)
(They are archiving their articles - for some reason. You can Google the quote and go to cached to find it.)

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