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DVD Teachers

My former baby brother in law had such a tough time in school, with severe ADD and violent tendencies (he attacked the principle) they put him in a class with a DVD player as a teacher.

He actually did much better. But I also worked with his mom and him to eat much more veggies and such. I got him eating a ton of salad, especially the inside part, as it's a natural sedative. His mom had absolutely no control over him so I would watch him a few nights a week so she could have a break. She couldn't understand why his behavior changed so much when I would take care of him. I also taught him and helped with homework.

I explained how important diet is to children (this was before I had one of my own) and learning to deal with kids like that. I know it's hypocritical to tell someone how to raise children (I didn't tell her what to do but I did tell her I fed him vegetarian and had him exercise an hour a day) but I took what knowledge I did have about diet and natural healing and even more important I would make sure to tire him out by playing on playgrounds, sports, and other stuff so he would go to sleep really tired and get a good nights sleep. During the winter though that gets really hard.

It was good training as my son has mild ADD. His teacher in fourth grade told me he needed add pills - so I got a prescription, flushed them down the toilet, and replaced them with tiny b-12 vitamins. Then his teacher said he was doing so much better since he was on the meds. Never told her I was giving him a placebo and a few months later told my son I would never give him that garbage and it was just b-12 and that he made all those improvements on his own, without pills.

I make sure my son eats all natural foods, no junk. I wish I could say the same for myself, but I'm slowly getting back to an all natural diet too. Now he's getting A's on a regular basis (compared to D's), is involved in an organization called Dance 4 Health, has made good friends, has a great moral compass (which I think personally is more important than getting good grades) and is very social (I'm pretty shy myself, he's not) and things are going great.

But in the future it wouldn't surprise me if their indoctrination was made a national standardized deal and DVD teachers will be around.

One class he has which I think is good is life skills where the teacher teaches economics and other stuff. She's a linux nerd which I think is cool. Of course he's brought up austrian economics vs kenysesian (sic) and about real money, and currently he's learning about the caste system in social studies which I've been teaching him for several years and he actually schooled his own teacher which built up his self esteem.

If I could I would home school (well, I do, in the couple of hours between dinner and bedtime) but I am a single dad and I haven't seen his mother in 11 years and I need to pay rent which is almost $2K a month. I haven't had a raise since 2007.

The major thing I think we should teach our kids is to be nice people and have good moral values and teach the golden rule. Now he's facing kids who are jerks, joining gangs and make fun of him because of his skin color and the fact he has a girlfriend who he has to practice dance with in private.

But what better way to create robotic people and take away individuality than use DVD's or robots to teach children a national curriculum. It's ideal for TPTB.

If I ever find a way to home school (It's getting too late now though) I will.

I did try to get my son into the liberty classroom but watching the trial videos he lost interest. I think it's over his head. It would be great to have a liberty classroom for kids. Maybe once he's in high school he won't get so bored. I have a lot of respect for Tom Woods.

So I think dvd or video classrooms for kids can be a double edged sword, but favors indoctrination for the mainstream unless you can get your kid interested in liberty classroom.

If it interested my son more I would subscribe for sure. I think he's too young as of now but he is incredibly intelligent, and watches short videos with me about money and liberty and can go on for days talking about fractional reserve banking, the FED, and about liberty.

I only hope it doesn't bite me in the butt refusing vaccines and him being on a whole different playing field than his peers. Public school system doesn't like that.

I tried to get him into a good private school and move into a tiny apartment but he was denied from the last two years grades.

In any case, it's all up to us, the parents, to educate our children and teach them to be good people. Public schools do not do that. One year his teacher was so bad I had to teach the entire lesson plan every night. One of my friends went against this teacher and made complaints and such and there was a significant backlash against his son. I learned to lie to the teacher with the ADD deal. She was a horrible teacher. The worst.

I ran against a teacher like that in high school, she had absolutely no grasp of the english language, I brought it up, and she flunked me when I has an A-. Luckily I saved every single paper I turned in and showed the principle and I got my A-. I was pretty rude to her though, I told her she had no business teaching english without any grasp of it, and I actually asked her if she was inbred. It was mean. I regret it, but I was an immature brat on my last semester (I graduated a semester early and was in college at 17.)

Teach your kids good moral values, teach them what they didn't learn in school, and I think they will grow up to be great people.

It's difficult but worth every minute.