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Yeah, Steve was the man:

Mare's leg was what he called his chopped up rifle and Henry arms manufactures exact replicas. Rossi calls theirs the Ranch Hand, but it's pretty much the same thing. Henry action is allot smoother, but the action is quite different.
I have an older Rossi 38/357 that is like the old Winchester models and it is an awesome shooter. The action is a different animal and is a bit ruff but solid and never fails no matter how fast you work it.
The first time I fired it I took the top off of a two liter soda bottle at 176 yards with open sights and with out my glasses on. Everyone that has ever held it has tried to buy it from me. I think I will be burried with it.
I can't say for sure, but I think you aren't really suppose to shoulder the leg.
Just bring it up and hold steady if you can. I'm thinking, eh, hollywood takes a fair amount of dramatic license and the "good guys" never miss, while the "bad guys" couldn't hit their own ass with both hands.
I have wanted one just for posterity, but can't ever seem to justfy the expense.
Gotta love the cowboy guns though. I have tons of different ones.

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