Comment: I couldn't get

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I couldn't get

CCW here in CA. Let alone open carry. Feinstein is horrible.

I was laughed at even though I almost got killed. I was literally laughed at.

I don't like guns. But I would like a CCW permit. I would never use it, but it would be nice to have and I do have a gun safe where I store my valuables. I don't own any guns at home.

But look at a city like Oakland. If CCW were allowed I would bet gun violence would go down 75%. It's bullcrap. Gun control leaves the weapons in the hands of criminals. In oakland I bet if CCW were allowed I would wager the deaths go down to 25 a year instead of 100.

My old boss from Atlanta GA always rode with a gun right next to him. No carjacking or violent crime.

Again, I don't like any guns (other than against tyrants) or nukes or any other weapon, but they are a necessary evil. And if those gang bangers or violent criminals knew the public was armed, they wouldn't pull any BS.