Comment: Texas is a repressive gun control state contrary to pop belief

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Texas is a repressive gun control state contrary to pop belief

When I moved there in the early 90's the Texas Rangers and DPS told me my Indiana Concealed Handgun License was no good there and that it was illegal to carry in Texas unless traveling across 3 counties.

That has since changed, they now have CHL permits and the castle doctrine for those who want to carry in their car without a permit, but all firearms are required to be concealed unless you are one of about 10,000,000 Texas super-cops.

I like to live where a cop sees a gun and looks the other way, that is not Texas.

I came across a traffic accident in Indiana recently. One of the inured had a .40 cal openly displayed on his hip. The sheriffs deputy and paramedics that pulled up behind me went right to work on him without asking him for his permit or requesting to take his gun. The sheriff went back to his car and didn't say a thing to the man about the gun.

This is the way it should be... mutually respect where law enforcement is not automatically intimidated by citizens carrying guns openly.

If this had been Texas I can only imagine that the cops would have tackled him... that mutual respect that we have here in Indiana would not have been there... backup would have been called in and the guy might have even been taken out.