Comment: I LIKE fighting about transistors!!!!

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I LIKE fighting about transistors!!!!

as near as I can tell it was our last major advance. who invented it? aliens or us?
"waves" are indeed an interesting subject, I have worked on cooling units on transmitter towers. RF energy is close to microwave energy. this was on an FM transmitter that someone tried to steal the copper from.... I was told that RF energy will cook you from the inside.

I consider a "computer" to be nothing more than a configurable relay assembly, based on transistors. the transistors made a very fine substitute for relays with normally open and normally closed contact's, it was a serious bonus that there was also no coil required.

however, our best understanding of gravity is based on mass. the LHC was built to figure out what "mass" was.

I look forward to and invite your corrections to what I have stated.