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Are YOU on topic?

"So, when some people come on here and advocate violent revolution."

I never did so. And I haven't read from anyone else doing so in this thread either.

So, I have no clue what you are talking about.

What I had advocated for, though, is the REJECTION (as in : REJECTION = NOT ACCEPTING) of steadily increasing use of Government force (or inconspicuous, evident political LOBBYING) put in use to INFRINGE on INALIENABLE rights DEFINED in texts which should be considered IMMUTABLE in their given interpretation.

The literal one, that is.

And if the "BILL ... OF ... RIGHTS" isn't such a founding text, I really have NO IDEA ***WHAT ELSE*** could be.

"NOT INFRINGE". "INALIENABLE". "RIGHTS". "FOUNDING TEXTS". "MAJORITY = IRRELEVANCE" (because we are NOT living in a Democracy, but in a REPUBLIC)

THAT is on topic.

"Violent revolution"? By WHO? WHERE? WHEN? WHAT FOR?

What ARE YOU talking about NOW?


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