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He isn't Jewish to my knowledge, and it is fake as hell to go around pretending to be everything to everybody that you happen to be trying to please. If you don't see that then you don't have any integrity either. As far as what jewish people call those little caps on their heads, it's not my job to be educated about what every religion uses or calls their wardrobe. I am not jewish and I don't keep up with jewish traditions. I suppose you must be though so let me ask you something, do you know the traditions or names of all the things used by the other religions of the world? It looks like a little beany to me so that is what I called it. I saw one person on DP try to pass it off as light shining behind Rand's head because they couldn't bring themselves to admit what a FLIP FLOPPING FAKE he was being pretending to pray at that wall like a good Israel puppet! It is disgusting to try to suck up to Israel or anyone else if you are a true independent US senator and I am not afraid to say so! I am not attacking jewish people, JUST FAKES!