Comment: Goldstock, you raise several legitimate issues

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Goldstock, you raise several legitimate issues

that I believe the Right has failed to successfully counter. Let me try. This will be kind of long so, please bear with me.

1. You don't believe anyone is coming for my guns. Well, I own a semi-automatic .22 that holds over twenty bullets. The gun grabbers are wanting to ban magazines that hold over ten. Granted, they're not going to find my .22 and take it from me. But, I have friends that I would imagine own AR's with more than ten-round magazines. An AR ban w/o a grandfather clause would keep them from buying more than ten rounds in the future and keep me from buying an AR should I ever want to own and shoot one (at targets, not people) just for the fun of it. Sure, they're not going to take my guns, but, there's no reason to take ANY guns from anyone, even from gun merchants.

2. Sorry, but, we don't need AK47s.
I'm pretty sure those are already illegal aren't they?

3. The Second Amendment
Pretty much everything else you bring up deals with the 2nd. The Second Amendment was clearly meant by the Founders and the states that ratified it to mean that Congress could not infringe on the right to keep and bear arms. That means FDR's National Firearms Act was unconstitutional. That means Reagan's FOPA was unconstitutional. I can see Congress enacting background checks on residents of D.C. and preventing some people such as obvious lunatics from owning guns since Congress has constitutional control over D.C. But, because of the Tenth Amendment, there's no way Congress can constitutionally limit ownership of ANY form of firearm or weapon for that matter within the states unless a constitutional amendment were passed more narrowly defining the Second Amendment.
So, should individual citizens be able to own tanks if they can afford them? From a constitutional perspective, that would depend entirely upon state laws. I don't think there would be any states that would allow that or grenades, or any other kind of non-firearm military weapon. But, again, registration and gun laws would vary from state to state and the Feds would have no say in it.

I personally believe automatic machine guns should be legal for people who have no felony offense against them and who can afford to complete and finish a basic competency course. The local police could have a list of everyone in their jurisdiction who owns one, maybe you could add a law that says you have to keep it chained up when not using it.