Comment: 12-16-07 The Revolution Stopped for Some Tea...

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12-16-07 The Revolution Stopped for Some Tea...

I've long said, Ron Paul didn't start, nor is he a part of the neo-con tea party. The pawned media tried to drag him through the mud to associate him with anything bad that they could, including the well-meaning, but super-ignorant (and may I add, super "proud") tea party-ers.

Here's what really happened. On 12-16-2007, the Ron Paul Revolution embraced the opportunity to raise a little money for the good doctor. For those of you who don't know, the media had purposefully ignored and marginalized Ron Paul from the start, in 2007. It was very frustrating for all of us, to no avail. So the idea was hatched to set some records in fundraising. The Tea Party Commemoration fit right in with what Ron stood for, and was targeted to be the 2nd of two record breaking fundraising days. 50K plus Ron Paul fans gave $6.2M to the good Dr. in 24 hours.

I personally prefer the "We" Party, to the "Tea" Party. "We" the people!

Please see: to find out what the Tea Party stands for.

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