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Comment: Today I told an anti-gunner

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Today I told an anti-gunner

Today I told an anti-gunner about what the republic is and why democracy is just as evil as oligarchy. He knew democracies have been tyrannical, he has just completely lost faith in our future and compared us to Rome. I told him I believe we are slipping into a democracy like Rome did, but we don't have to fall. The difference today is we live in the Information Age. The Internet gives me hope.

Also, young people (college age plus a few years) are getting their information more and more from the Internet. The young people are more likely to question the MSM. Young people give me hope.

I've found it very helpful to explain what the republic is, and that china is not a republic despite the name. What the rule of law means, why the Sheriff is so important to the republic.

Have you seen this? It can help you explain these things to others.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.