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Understand. Thanks for taking the time to further explain.

I'm with you about magical thinking, signs, and wonders ascribed to the Deity. If that ever happens, that is for only those directly involved, and it's hearsay for everyone else. Brainwashing kids about God and putting them on parade is as bad as the six year old beauty pageants. Both are grotesque, IMO.

I have a great 11.5 year old dog that is in great shape. She can run with me 3-4 miles in the winter on the snow without any difficulty. The thought of her getting sick and one day dying is not on the radar right now. I could not deal with it. I just imagined that if I could not deal with this, than a little girl would do much worse than I would with such news. A letter from God, albeit not directly from God, would have comforted her. That letter would have also comforted me had I received it under those circumstances despite knowing the truth. That letter meant that someone else empathized.

If there is a little piece of God in all of us, who is to say that God did not help write that letter? You see that it still may have come from God. Peace.