Comment: So, "Grey is the new Black"? Yeah, right. Let's try "more grey"?

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So, "Grey is the new Black"? Yeah, right. Let's try "more grey"?

So, "Grey is the new Black"? Yeah, right. Let's try "SOME MORE GREY" then?


Let's try have some liberal thinker write us a "Fifty Shades of Grey" equivalent on the labor enslavement of any colored race youth, say, of my own black ancestry ...

... and see where that takes us, books ratings-wise.

Next, we can continue, with another story of cute little pet dogs beaten or paper-cut on a regular basis ... by the same colored youths, btw. Before the filming camera of a psychopathic ... (latino) homosexual who also gets off on seeing bestiality with colored kids and cruelty inflicted to pets. For pure cruelty enjoyment.

Bonus: the storyline/plot could stress out how the picturesque type of leisure of the perverted protagonists is fairly facilitated by their heavy dependence on the checks they get from a generous welfare system, while they want to stay out of boredom, with plenty of time on their hands and many projects for their basements. Etc, etc.

Sweet, cool, and fun stuff, right?

Might be bringing us some fun to watch in the realm of the entertainment business/marketing, no?

Next, contact Piers Morgan for both movies promotion to follow. He'll be delighted.

Or will he?

Oh yeah, before I forget... PETA, Whoopi Goldberg, and Jamie Foxx might want to hear about it, too. Ya think I could start dropping them folks a word about such scripts ideas?

( /sarcasm. Sorry if I shocked some. Had to try put myself in my sickest mode to make the point. )

I don't mind about adult erotica. I don't even mind adult pornography.

Heck, they have been around for what, like 5,000+ years (if not longer) ever since folks have written stuff or made drawings, haven't they?


Just DO NOT TRY to reach out to OUR kids with this sort of "shades of grey" content.

Dear wife and I WILL BITE BACK, because, "too bad", there are still a couple things we see BLACK AND WHITE in this world, on our end.



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