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A well presented

Critical analysis of the events that reportedly took place, though somewhat Apolitical toward the end. This might have best been left unsaid, as it lends opportunity to those skeptics to brand the entire interview with the usual tag. Other than that, a logical and concise reporting of those concerning issues that need to be resolved.

Anyone looked at the circumstances surrounding the Port Arthur massacre
in Tasmania, AU in 1996. There's a number of parallels involved regarding the offender, the mechanics of the events, MSM blackout and subsequent cover-up, that took place in a quiet, middle class community. Then of course there's the result of that incident that made way for the agenda already in place, and Clintons subsequent presence lending impetus to that implimentation.
The aftermath of that event is what we see today, and even now the MSM are quick to demonise anyone who has the audasity to question the obvious inconsistencies and contraditions of that terrible day, and it's far-reaching consequences.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
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