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Its a good question and one

Its a good question and one of the many questions you have to ask yourself is if it were legal for you to own an atomic bomb, you gonna pay with it with your next paycheck?

I don't think the people need to worry about nuclear weapons being owned by individuals in a small gov scenario. I think before that you would be lucky to not have been arrested. NONE of us are worthy of having something that powerful.

And as far as I am concerned all nuclear weapons are a threat to everyone on the planet and it should be considered a crime against humanity to own one. Their only humane uses are Demolitions, terraforming, mining (demolitions maybe less realistic). They can trigger earthquakes and are radioactive.

Still I do not see what the point is of banning a semi auto rifle. It really isn't going to help lower crime I doubt it. Crime will probably increase as gun murder goes down slightly.