Comment: Sure, you can claim "exempt" on your W-4 and your employer...

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Sure, you can claim "exempt" on your W-4 and your employer...

will stop taking taxes out of your check immediately. However, if enough people do it, Obama will issue an executive order for penalties even worse than they are now and get some corrupt federal official, judge or law enforcement, to enact it immediately.

Remember that decorated officer who refused orders to Afghanistan because of his doubts of his commander-in-chief's "natural born citizenship"? The court-marshal refused to allow ANY evidence regarding Obama's eligibility, even though the MILITARY TIMES had reported "Senator Obama" was "born in Kenya" several years earlier(!)

Remember the planned non-violent protest of the TSA by demonstrations at airports across the country. The government threatened imprisonment and huge fines for participants, and the protest evaporated.

Non-violent protests only work when governments: 1) are run by the appearance, at least, of the "rule of law" 2) be certain of retaliation of "outside interests".

I wouldn't even consider participating in a "non-violent protest" in this country at this time without openly carrying a firearm, preferably a 12 gauge shotgun; even then, I would hope their would be "outside interests" with sniper rifles watching for possible law enforcement snipers on the rooftops or armed drones.