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Comment: I tell them that I think I

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I tell them that I think I

I tell them that I think I should have them, but any weapon with a bore over 1/2 inch is classified as a destructive device and has been regulated by the feds since nineteen-thirty-something.

Likewise, explosive ordnance is classified as destructive devices.
They are actually legal to transfer and use under federal law but they are highly regulated. For instance, they might be used to cause avalanches or rock slides in certain areas to alleviate hazardous conditions.

I'm pretty sure nukes would have some other regulatory hurdles to clear and it would be pretty hard to get one legally. But really, that's an asinine question. Of course I don't want a nuke. <-what I tell them, not directed at the original poster.

Some states have banned destructive devices for transfer to civilians.

There's more to this, but that's a start.

Oh yeah, I also find nuclear weapons to be immoral, even in defense, as they destroy without discrimination, both guilty & innocent humans and nature.