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Comment: Actually, everyone should

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Actually, everyone should

Actually, everyone should respect and love this company. I live and work in Asia and there is nothing like it here or even in Europe. Sure we have small Organic or "Bio" stores, or sections in normal stores, but Whole Foods is completely AWESOME and nothing compares.

Every time we go back, my wife and I spend hours just in Whole Foods looking at all the interesting products. It's truly magnificent and if you are a Freemarket Capitalist you have to seriously appreciate all the small companies and brands on their shelves. I'm extremely impressed with this guy's business model and it's what America is all about.

Go to a normal supermarket in the States and all you find is Corporate Fascism, walk into Whole Foods and you see Freemarket heaven. Sure it could be better, but there's nothing like it out there in the world.

This store is one reason I miss the US.