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diversity of citizenship

The LoR (Libel of Review) is based in diversity of citizenship. The true judgment of the LoR (in counterclaim) is that the IRS etc. did not file in the US District Courts before coming off the DISTRICT onto the land. Now it is more whether you are in contract with the Fed or not.

It is not really that important - the LoR is dismissed. You learn for example that the federal judge is a taxpayer (obvious) and recused for conflict of interest. This is an obvious execution of law.

More than that though you learn about trust law in the process. IN GOD WE TRUST is on the currency. SO HELP ME GOD is on the oath of office making this bonding system complete. If the judge and DA at the trial court do not have their oaths of office in place then there is no trust - they have no judicial or sovereign immunity if they are prosecuting you from a vacant office. Here is an example that came about here within hours after I perfected a $20M lien against the officials (chief judge and AG who had valid oaths at the time they denied me a speedy trial).

You might take a moment to notice that Dan swears but not to any Witness like required in Colorado - God.

If an official does not conform to statute he has no immunity. He can be sued for malicious prosecution in an individual capacity. With Dan there notice he is aware he is running a vacant office because he has been considerate enough to buy a $5K insurance policy for a bond. He knows full well that he is not covered by the comptroller of the State Treasury!

So you might consider finding out in your state constitution where you go to get a certified copy of the actors' oaths. Here district officials are in the Secretary of State office and county are found at the county clerk and recorder. [No oath for that Actor? - Be sure to get a Certificate of Fact saying so from that clerk.] The LoR gets dismissed but gives you a record in the "exclusive original cognizance" of the US government. So this is the Record-Forming making you the court of record; the only court of competent jurisdiction. Now the lack of competence in the common law around you goes on the record and your competence goes on the record.

Look into it as soon as you can. Make them afraid to open their mouths. Every conviction since 2009 under Dan MAY comes under question if they bother me. Technically all those prisoners deserve to be retried under a competent District Attorney. The stakes are very high!

The Lesson Plan is:

1) Learn your identity
2) Record-Forming (in the USDC)
3) Redeeming Lawful Money (no nexus with the Fed)

P.S. Are all the oaths in order?

That is rare!

So look what you got. You now have a court where all the actors are sworn to uphold the bills of rights found in the federal and state constitutions. Isn't that rare? You get your day in a court of competent jurisdiction! Believe me; that is almost non-extant in America.

If you don't show competence your trial day defaults into admiralty and international municipal policy of METRO (non)organization.