Comment: I hear you.

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I hear you.

I just live in my own little world now. I have one brother left who will speak to me - 5 siblings that I have no contact with. My dearest friend is still "with me" but she lives 1000 miles away. Idahoans are more awake than average, and yet they have this "Rah, rah, GOP" attitude that prevents them from scrutinizing the GOP.
I changed tactics. I am mid-stream now, so can't really tell you how it will work. We are setting up an aquaponics dome and will start teaching classes in self-reliance, hopefully in the spring. I don't think Americans have the emotional maturity to face the truth. My son had a friend visit last month, an "awake" friend. When I started chatting openly with him, he shut me down. He no longer cares, he believes we lost and he is just hanging around waiting to die. This is a young man with a good job living "the good life" in Florida. He is that hopeless and that unwilling to do anything about it - he is a deer in the headlights. So, skippy, THANK YOU for being a headlight. It freezes a LOT of them up... but you are doing what must be done. Clearly, there are very few like you, so extra points for persistence.
Peace, friend.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.