Comment: Disgusting

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People talk about conservative hypocrisy by the neo-cons who claim to be pro-life, but push for war.

Well, a far greater hypocrisy comes from those who are liberal. The amount of children who die every year from abortion in the US far outweighs the amount that die in US war crimes and this amount only increases as morality decreases and the family unit breaks down. Not to diminish the impacts of war - which is abhorrent in every way - but this ideology, one which advertises itself as being 'pro-human rights' and 'future oriented', is completely disgusting.

I want to know this:

There are two babies conceived at the exact same moment with different mothers. One is born at 22 weeks (the earliest is 21 week premature birth) while the other is still in the mother's womb. Now fast forward 4 weeks later. Both babies are now 26 weeks old since conception.

Tell me, does the mother who gave birth prematurely still have the 'reproductive right' to abort/kill this baby that has been born? If not, then what right does this baby that was born prematurely have over the other that is still in the mother's womb? I want to know this.