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Comment: This is a 10th Amendment Issue, not a Federal Case.

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This is a 10th Amendment Issue, not a Federal Case.

While I am what one can call an "Incorporationist" and believe that the State Constitutions should at a minimum mirror the federal Bill of Rights in order to enjoy the continued benefit of membership in the Union, the issue is not a federal case.

Asking the federal government to intercede in what is effectively a State matter, is precisely how we now find ourselves with an overbearing federal leviathan that intrudes into every aspect of our lives.

In addition, I find the following a bit confusing:

lindalsalisbury wrote:
What requests should a petition to the White House include?

Please suggest any peaceful action, before the President, Congress, and SCOTUS, further complicate this problem.

Why would one petition the White House if said White House will only complicate the matter?

It is my opinion that your best avenue for a remedy would be to familiarize yourself with the New york State Constitution, specifically ARTICLE XII which directs the Legislature to pass laws for the maintenance of the State Militia.

Unfortunately, outside of ARTICLE XII, my research is unable to locate a designation of owning a firearm as a Natural Right, as is the case in the majority of other state constitutions.

Thus leaving you, should you reside in New york State, the other option promoted by the Founding Generation, i.e. vote with your feet, which is a core tenant of Federalism.

Finally, remember, the State of New York was still remiss to vote Aye regarding the Lee Resolution in support of Secession from Great Britain even after British General Gage sought to confiscate firearms and powder and murdered Americans at Lexington & Concord.

The state delegates initially abstained and only after New York saw it would be alone amongst the other 12 did it reluctantly vote in favor of the Declaration of Independence.