Comment: The Daily Paul may need to be rebuilt

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The Daily Paul may need to be rebuilt

I remember back in the early days of 911 truth the highly controversial forum Letsroll911 was under constant attack by government hackers. Phil Jayhan was forced to rebuild several times as "ghosts in the machine" undermined the platform. I'd love a feature to download all content I've created before it's lost to a crash. Perhaps a hard site backup every month might be wise. I recommend Dreamhost for a secure protected registrar and host.

Thanks for this site brother Nystrom. When the New World Order is crushed your contributions to the cause of liberty will be remembered as playing a crucial role. $10 per month is a small price for the ability to stay connected to the best and brightest of the liberty folk. I love all of you. Brace yourselves 'cuz there's a storm brewing on the horizon...