Comment: Richmond County Sheriff

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Richmond County Sheriff

Here are the Demographics from the 2010 Census of Richmond County NC.

What would be the estimated cost, under this plan, in order to get a Contitutional Sheriff Elected In Richmond County.

Here Are The Demographics:

* Total Population

* Housing Status(in housing units unless noted)
Total 20,738
Occupied 18,430
Vacant 2,308
Vacant: for rent 666
Vacant: for sale 242

Theoretically speaking, It should be a lot cheaper to test this election model in a county such as this. One with only 20,738 Total Households.

Any thoughts, or possible estimates as to how much it would cost to run a test in this county?...So everyone could see how well this Constitutional Candidate Election Winning Machine really works, and it would no longer be a theory at that point!