Comment: Seriously? Ronald Reagan?

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Seriously? Ronald Reagan?

Why would you bring up Ronald Reagan as if that tax-raising, deficit-increasing, gun-grabbing Hollywood actor turned neo-con is an authority on the Second Amendment?

Gun grabbers are freaking everywhere! I was at lunch with "conservatives" who hate Elizabeth Warren, Deval Patrick, and Barack Obama, but are telling me "nobody needs" magazines over 10 rounds or "assault weapons".

It's really frightening how badly people have been brainwashed to feel the need to use the government as a tool to oppress their neighbors. Reminds me of hearing a liberal woman caller on a radio talk show: she smoked weed all the time but thought it should remain illegal because she thinks some people can't handle it. WTF????

Look the f*** out because even "conservatives" are dangerous gun-grabbing SOBs.

Even though I'm libertarian, I often defend conservatives despite the drug war and abortion war. But now conservatives are turning on guns too, proving that they are as insane as the Huffington Post accuses.

Just another persuasive demonstration that there are only two camps--libertarians and [Hitler/Stalin/Mao]'s. Centrists are [Hitler/Stalin/Mao]-lite.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.