Comment: Why do you want gun control?

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Why do you want gun control?

Although you don't mention it in your post, I am assuming you want the gun right limited to save lives?

If that was the true intent of gun laws, why start with limiting a constitutional right? If you want a law to save lives, wouldn't it seem logical to start with a law that would save the most lives first? If you can answer this question I will change my position.

I have a previous post that shows the statistics, so I'm not going to post them here, they can be looked up. More lives are lost from car accidents than ever were from guns, why not change speed limits to say, 35 MPH? Do we really need cars that go over 120MPH, or motorcycles that go over 160MPH? How many lives are lost from tobacco, alcohol, swimming pools, high fat foods, boating accidents, skiing accidents, abortions, war? Why start with guns? So you see, its really not about saving lives is it? Why not just admit it's about limiting an individuals right to self defense?

I will await your answer.